Struggling with infertility

Rosemary is amazing! I was referred to acupuncture by a friend who knew I was struggling with infertility. I wanted to go to a practitioner who would be able to provide me with both herbal supplements as well as needling. I was ready to dive in and make a physical difference towards conceiving while also working with a Western Doctor.

Rosemary is wonderful. She listened to my journey thus far, asked questions and really thought about how to support my body. After the first needle treatment I could feel a difference and I knew that she is excellent at what she does. I also noticed a difference when taking the herbs. My PMS symptoms disappeared, I had a more pronounced period and I was able to lengthen my menstrual cycle. After working with Rosemary for a little over a year, I am happy to say that I am pregnant. I plan to continue acupuncture to support myself and my growing baby over the next several months.

Thank you again,
K.F. Providence, RI