Symptoms of menopause, primarily hot flashes and night sweats

I heard about Rosemary Tracy from a friend. I was looking for relief from symptoms of menopause, primarily hot flashes and night sweats. I have found Rosemary to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and so caring and compassionate. My symptoms have improved and I have gained so much more from the treatments. She has addressed other symptoms in my body as they arise and is extremely flexible in discussing whatever might be going on with me during a particular session. I honestly have never experienced such a sense of relaxation and peace during my sessions; I call it ‘going to a place of Zen’. It is definitely a worthwhile investment for me and I put it on my schedule just like I would any appointment to keep my body healthy, strong and balanced. I have recommended Rosemary to several friends and have even recently got my husband hooked.

J.S. Bellingham, MA