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Important Announcement
Alison will be out of the office on medical leave beginning May 8th and returning in July. The online schedule will be updated during this time, so please check online for available appointments.

Able to conceive

Alison is someone who has transformed my life. She is an amazing acupuncturist who has been treating me for eight years. Since being with her she has helped me in many ways. She has an intuitive way to know exactly what my body needs to heal.

I had first reached out to her when I was going through IVF. After seeing Alison regularly for this, I was able to conceive. From then, she has been an important member of my health care team whom I trust and rely on to help treat not only the physical but the emotional part of me. She always gets to the root of the problem.

My husband too has become a regular patient and I have recommended friends to her. She always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. Alison treats from the heart! She is caring and with her empathetic nature, I am beyond thankful for how she continues to help be the most valued person of my health care team.

It is without reservation that I highly recommend Point of Healing Acupuncture! I can go inward, heal, and get back into my life, feeling better than before with renewed strength and energy. It has worked for me and know whatever problem, pain or health issue you may have, Point of Healing can begin the healing journey with you to get you back on the road to recovery. I assure you that you will find tremendous emotional and physical healing for your body.

Shannon R. (35 years old)

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