What to Expect

Healing takes place from the inside out so remember it takes time. After a few treatments you will notice your overall health will start to improve. After 6 treatments you will start to have a healthy glow, improved tone and texture. Alison will suggest topical products, dietary changes, and introduce you to an at home treatment to perform in between acupuncture facial treatments. After the series of treatments, Alison will suggest a maintenance program specific for you and your concerns.

I have been seeing Alison for the facial rejuvenation treatments over the past 6 months. After just 6 treatments, the results were remarkable. My eyelids were beginning to lift and the wrinkles started to diminish. I did try a couple Botox treatments, but I did not feel good about injecting this into my body over time. These treatments are a natural, safe and effective way to combat the signs of aging. They slow the aging process from within and I would highly recommend these.

-Deb D. (60 years old)