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Important Announcement
Alison will be out of the office on medical leave beginning May 8th and returning in July. The online schedule will be updated during this time, so please check online for available appointments.


My skin is softer and firmer

Over the last year I have lost a significant amount of weight, leaving my face and neck looking aged and feeling saggy, lifeless, dull and dry. I have visited Alison for many reasons over the years and trust her implicitly, so I decided to try her Facial Rejuvenation. Within the first couple appointments I noticed a difference in color –

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Able to conceive

Alison is someone who has transformed my life. She is an amazing acupuncturist who has been treating me for eight years. Since being with her she has helped me in many ways. She has an intuitive way to know exactly what my body needs to heal.

I had first reached out to her when I was going through IVF. After

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Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

I have been seeing Alison for the facial rejuvenation treatments over the past 6 months. After just 6 treatments, the results were remarkable. My eyelids were beginning to lift and the wrinkles started to diminish. I did try a couple Botox treatments, but I did not
feel good about injecting this into my body over time. These treatments are

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Shoulder Pain

Prior to my first visit with Alison, I had been experiencing pain in my right shoulder for seven months. I had seen my family physician and several specialists. None of them had been able to help me. When I arrived for my first treatment, I was in constant pain, could not move my right arm and was not sleeping because

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