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Pruritus (Itching)

After numerous years of searching for relief from my chronic pruritus, I turned to acupuncture out of desperation. The results I received from Point of Healing Acupuncture treatments were phenomenal. Alison returned my life to near normal and I will be forever grateful.
– Charlie M. (81 years old)

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Pregnancy – Treatments helped me make it through

I had chronic nausea and vomiting for all three of my pregnancies. I was put on prescription meds to help but it just suppressed it periodically during the day. After just three of Alison’s treatment sessions my chronic nausea and vomiting was eliminated. Treatments for the swelling in my lower legs and feet were also successful. In one weeks time

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PMS and Neck Pain

My primary reason for seeking acupuncture treatments from Alison over a year ago was for worsening PMS symptoms. The couple of days of physical discomfort and mood changes that I used to have began lasting for a couple of weeks, consuming half my life! My OB/GYN suggested birth control pills or antidepressants. Not wanting to go that route, at a

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Plantar Fascitis – Pain free days

I dealt with bilateral foot pain for well over 2 years and tried every conventional method (medications, shoes, orthotics, etc.) until one of my own patients highly recommended acupuncture. I found Alison and I can’t say enough! After only a few treatments, she has given me pain free days back, the will to exercise again, and the peace of mind

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