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Important Announcement
Alison will be out of the office on medical leave beginning May 8th and returning in July. The online schedule will be updated during this time, so please check online for available appointments.

PMS and Neck Pain

My primary reason for seeking acupuncture treatments from Alison over a year ago was for worsening PMS symptoms. The couple of days of physical discomfort and mood changes that I used to have began lasting for a couple of weeks, consuming half my life! My OB/GYN suggested birth control pills or antidepressants. Not wanting to go that route, at a nurse practitioner’s recommendation, I consulted Alison to explore a non-pharmaceutical approach. Seeing her has dramatically improved not only the quality of my life, but that of my husband and two young children as well. My PMS symptoms are either gone or are so minor that they are hardly an inconvenience at all, with only one relaxing monthly visit to Alison. She has also treated a previous neck injury that often caused chronic, debilitating pain. With acupuncture, Alison has gotten me to a point where I am almost pain free. It if does flare-up, a visit with Alison puts me back to comfort quickly and easily. When I recently developed hip pain, Alison was able to rid me of the pain in a couple of visits. Alison is always very professional, punctual, and strives to accommodate scheduling. She is a genuine, caring, a good listener, and communicator. I would recommend her to anyone! A true healer…
– Justine W. (44 years old)

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