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Plantar Fascitis – How far I’ve come

I’ve been going to Alison for almost 2 years, and quite simply I’m so very grateful to her and acupuncture. I had never had acupuncture before. Initially, frustration in dealing with Plantar Fasciitis had me looking for anything or anyone who could help me. But of course, as most people over the age of 50, I have other issues too: back pain, digestion issues, menopause, etc. I had already tried physical therapy, reflexology, orthotics, special shoes, and multiple other bits of advice for the Plantar Fasciitis. This year, I’ve finally been able to make progress with weight loss because I can exercise again, something that foot problems or back problems kept me from doing for the last several years with any regularity. With the bonus of the weight loss, I find I no longer need medication for my digestion issues. Just recently after a conversation of how I’m doing at the moment she asked me about my feet (since I hadn’t even mentioned them) and that made me realize how far I’ve come. I have forgotten all about my feet…how wonderful.
– JoAnn W. (54 years old)

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